Compare Innate to Traditional Potato Innate® has up to a 44% reduction in bruising compared to conventional Russet Burbank potatoes.

The Innate® Generation 1 potato benefits consumers, the environment and potato industry economics.

Innate® potatoes are less prone to bruising and black spots, which means consumers waste less and fewer potatoes end up in landfills. Innate potatoes also contain less asparagine. By producing less asparagine, Innate potatoes provide the potential for the formation of acrylamide to be reduced by 58-72% when potatoes are baked, fried or roasted at high temperatures.

Innate® Generation 2 can significantly contribute to more sustainable potato production.

Innate® Generation 2 potatoes features traits that address several of the major issues facing the potato industry including shrink from cold storage, late blight, sugar ends, sprouting, acrylamide and black spot bruise – providing significant benefits to the entire potato value chain.

Comparison of inoculated conventional and Innate® Gen 2 plants. No fungicides were used and the Innate plants still have healthy foliage.