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Our Roots
Run Deep

J.R. Simplot started in the potato business in 1929
and we’ve been innovating ever since.

The J.R. Simplot Company’s mission statement, Bringing Earth’s Resources to Life, embodies the reason the Simplot Plant Sciences team was created. With a deep respect for the environment and recognizing the challenge of the world’s growing population, Simplot brought together uniquely qualified individuals to form a group dedicated to finding better ways to grow delicious, safe, and abundant food for people throughout the world.

Combining our extensive experience in sustainable agriculture with the latest in plant biotechnology, the Simplot Plant Sciences team developed the Innate® brand, an innovative platform for improving crops. This new process results in tangible improvements in crops that lead to better foods and, ultimately, more sustainable crop production.

Simplot Plant Sciences strives to be the global knowledge leader in potatoes under the following guiding principles:

We Are – We pioneer innovations in plant genetics and food processing and contribute to feeding our world.

Beneficial – We work to develop new potato varieties that help address some of the biggest challenges facing our planet such as food waste, environmental health and plant disease.

Innovative – We take a proven science-based approach to bringing new varieties to the marketplace by utilizing and advancing technology and processes much like what’s found in nature.

Sustainable – As active stewards of our natural resources, we contribute to a sustainable future by cultivating climate resilience, community, and opportunity in food and agriculture.

Safety in Mind – We develop each new plant variety with the same level of care and safety that humans have used to nurture and cultivate plants throughout history.

Informative – We believe that understanding breeds acceptance. As people learn about how the science of biotechnology relates to breeding, they can better understand the benefits of harnessing technology in developing plants and food.

Responsible – We work with governments around the world to ensure the latest plant breeding methods are understood and effectively stewarded to encourage acceptance.


Feeding Our World

Who We Are

At the J.R. Simplot Company, we contribute to feeding the word by bringing earth’s resources to life. We have a commitment to developing better foods through science.

Sustainable Crops

Simplot® is part of the USAID Feed the Future Partnership to improve potato production in Bangladesh and Indonesia.


We’re investing in research and development of the potato to reduce disease, improve yields, enable less pesticides, enhance safety and provide more environmental sustainability.

The Technology

Simplot has plans to be on the cutting edge of potato technology, wherever it leads. We have made industry-leading investments in Innate® bioengineering, gene editing, breeding and diploid breeding to reduce or solve some of the biggest issues with potatoes.

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